Weekend Wanderers - Barrier Lake Forest Ecology Loop

May 28, 2017  10:30 - 13:00

Location:  Barrier Lake
Cost:  Free
Hosted by:  Megan Bengoechea

Barrier Lake Forest Ecology Loop
Let's get out and explore Kananaskis in early spring! All families are welcome, although this event is targeted to the 2-5 year old crowd. Up to 3 loops we can try to conquer ranging from 1.5km. 0.8km and 0.3kms in distance! We will start with the main loop (Forest Ecology Loop) and see how far we go before something captures the imagination or attention of the group and determines how the day will go! I'll grab some of Point of Interest maps so we can learn about the area and the UofC studies going on! If we get to the Historic Loop (0.3km) kids will see a cabin, a tower and adults can learn a little history (personal note: my grandfather was a POW at this camp and always spoke fondly of his memories there!!)

Weekend Wanderers is intended to bring families together to explore areas close to Calgary with the intent of hiking distances being suitable to toddlers (with hopefully limited carrying needed by parents!!) We will hike as a group, stay as a group and no one will be left behind! Walks will be subject to toddler interest . . . maybe we will get to the end, maybe we have to turn around or maybe we will get distracted by something of interest and just hang around there for the rest of the event!

Length: Walk is a 2.3km return loop, ability to turn back if we don't want to do the extended loop
Accessibility: Stroller friendly

What to bring:
- dress in layers and be prepared for all weather; if it's mucky, let's have fun jumping in puddles and getting dirty! (you may want to bring back up clothing!)
- snacks/lunch for all members of your group
- water/drinks for all members of your group
- bug spray/sunscreen as necessary
- Parents: be prepared to carry if necessary
- personal first aid kit
- bear spray (strongly recommended for all families to carry their own)

From Calgary - Approximately 1 hour driving time
Head West on Highway 1 to Highway 40 (Kananaskis), head South along Highway 40 to Barrier Lake
Trailhead is off to the left hand side of the road (across from the Lake) Look for signs for U of C Research or Captain's Cabin

Route Plan

From the parking lot, start down the Forest Ecology Trail (1.5km loop). If the kids (and adults) are up to it, maybe we extend into the Forest Loop (an additional 0.8km). If families are interested (and weather permits) we could end up at the shore of Barrier Lake for some rock throwing after our wander!

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40/40 Registrants
  • Allison Paull (2)
  • Ashley McCune (3)
  • bpresser (2)
  • Brandy Winsor (4)
  • Catlin van Dyke (2)
  • Jennifer (2)
  • Katy Emanuel (3)
  • Lara Hetchler (2)
  • Melissa Schaller (3)
  • Sarah Humphrey (2)
  • Sinead Hartwick (2)
  • Todd Rensing (2)
  • Victoria Hodgkinson (2)