South Calgary Junior Bike Gang – Fish Creek Park/Shannon Terrace

Jul 11, 2017  10:00 - 13:00

Location:  Shannon Terrace, 13931 Woodpath Road SW, Calgary, Alberta
Cost:  free
Hosted by:  Kevin Yorston

South Calgary Junior Bike Gang – Fish Creek Park Shannon Terrace

You are STRONGLY encouraged to read this page in its entirety before coming to the event.

Event Type: Biking,walking
Stroller friendly: Yes
Event Location: Shannon Terrace, 13931 Woodpath Road SW, Calgary, Alberta
We will be meeting in the parking lot at 10am

Date & Time: 10-1:00pm
Event Duration: approx 1-3 hours
Pace: Geared to the Preschooler age 3-5 year old crowd but everyone welcome( I have 2&5 year old)
Event Coordinator: Kevin Yorston
Contact info: I can be reached on my cell @ 403-801-8229 if you arrive late.

Parking: Shannon Terrace Parking Lot, Fish Creek Park
Items to Bring:
- Bike, Strider
- Water & snack
-Change of clothing if kids go in the water
- Layers of clothing in case the weather changes.
- Whatever else you need

Route Plan: We will be biking/walking fish creek paths from Shannon Terrace to Bebo Grove(under 1.5km), will stop at Bebo Grove picnic area there is a great place for kids to play in the creek in shallow slow moving water by a beach. Lots of trees for shade in the area. If anyone is a bit late you can park at Bebo Grove and meet us. Please note, how far we go is depending on group needs, conditions, and the temperament of kids! Older kids welcome but pace will be according to younger kids. I will riding my bike to keep up with any faster kids.

**Please RSVP by Tuesday @ 9am

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